Accelerate your digital transformation

APIs are the building blocks of your digital transformation. They give you the perfect opportunity to set up a flexible architecture that give you the agility and innovative power you need to keep your organisation successful in the future. Both on a technical and conceptual level, important choices will have to be made that are of great importance for the success of your API management programme.

Visit our Summit, listen to thought leaders, and industry experts on their API lifecycle stories. What were their goals in deploying an API, what technologies did they choose, and how did they measure success on their API initiatives? After visiting this Summit you understand what effect APIs have in your organisation and how you set up and manage a successful API management programme.

In order to become more adaptive and to remain digitally transformable, companies realize that they have to adjust their revenue models by restructuring their architectures, and more importantly - how to deal with organisational (people / processes) aspects.

A company without APIs is almost something like an organization without a website 15 years ago. Every company that embraces an ecosystem will have to transform into an API first strategy. Due to the increasing digital transformation and the use of cloud and SaaS solutions, this necessity only increases.

Based on the theme ‘Accelerate your Digital Transformation’, we decided to choose 2 angles of approach during the API Summit.

Business Enablers

Topics that can be discussed are:

  • ‘Adapt or die’
  • How to ensure your relevance in an ecosystem?
  • How to compile a roadmap for an API strategy?
  • How to determine goals when implementing an API management programme?
  • APIs as products: how you create successful business models through co-creation?
  • A blueprint for APIs and Microservices
  • How to promote API management in your company?
  • What is the life cycle of the API?

Technical Enablers 

Topics that can be discussed are:

  • What are the security & privacy risks of APIs?
  • What are the API technologies?
  • How to design a good API?
  • APIs vulnerability; APIs consistency and interoperability
  • What are the benefits of using an API gateway?
  • How do we make API gateway scalable and high available
  • Continuous Integration // Continuous Delivery
  • Which deployment model (Cloud/Hybrid/OnPremise) should you choose

The Programme of the Summit mainly focuses on:

  • Architects (Lead, Enterprise, Domain, Information, Software and Solution)
  • CIO’s
  • VP’s of Integration
  • Directors of Integration
  • ICT Managers
  • CDO’s
  • Middleware Experts
  • Application Developers
  • Information Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Innovation Managers


5! Reasons to Attend this Summit:

  • Invest one day to be informed on the latest trends, to understand what is available in the field of APIs.
  • Be amongst like-minded professionals.
  • The Summit offers a strong substantive programme around the theme Accelerate your Digital Transformation with many expert sessions and practical experiences
  • Focussed, scheduled one-to-one meetings, based on your needs: 93% of our participants find the one-to-one meetings with our business partners of added value for their participation.
  • The only Summit combining content, experience, networking and learning from each other’s experiences.