How do you release platform ecosystem thinking, into the physical world?

Almost everything you see around you (buildings, socks, coffee, etc.) has something in common; it is in a database. This data is often accessed by an API on what we call a platform. A well-designed API contains a resource, this resource describes things from the physical world (buildings, socks, coffee, etc.) and the methodologies that we use today to create new business with it (Agile, Design Thinking, et cetera) go hand in hand with the resources that come from the API (for example, a banking platform needs banking resources).

In his keynote Bob will argue why he thinks that the next step after platform ecosystems can already be seen, companies like Netflix, Facebook and Google are already in this. They develop real estate, launch more productions than ever before, et cetera. How do they do that? By releasing platform ecosystem thinking into the physical world.


API Awareneness: enter the API Braintrust

API’s? Say what? Or: Oh, that’s just a techie thing right? Or: it’s just another way of talking to a database right? Or: Oh, I know how to design an API, I don’t need any help. Sounds familiar? Then this talk is for you! I will walk you through the challenges and successes we had during our (still ongoing) journey to create awareness on all levels of our organization and how the ‘API Braintrust’ was created to support and enable this process.

Interactive session

Strategy Cafe

In this interactive session, we facilitate IT Architects to discuss how to set up a flexible architecture that gives you the agility and innovative power you need to keep your organisation successful in the future. Both on a technical and conceptual level, important choices will have to be made that are of great importance for the success of your API management programme. 

This session is supervised by the chairman of the day, with the assistance of various experts.


Digipolis: Accelerate your digital transformation with APIs

The City of Antwerp provides services to over half a million citizens expecting ever-increasing service and digitization levels. In this session Tobias Verbist will talk about the Antwerp City Platform as a Service.  ACPaaS is a collection of reusable software blocks or so-called “engines” providing functions such as workflow management, asset management, output generation etc. The architecture connects and discloses multiple operational city-owned and city-linked systems. It also embraces the use of new technologies like IoT and AI. Tobias will share some interesting insights and some highly successful and unexpected results of this new development strategy. 

Take-aways of the session:

  • How to address the digital transformation challenge by overhauling an entire organizational and technical software development strategy.
  • Only by stimulating out-of-the-box thinking, no longer impeded by formal restrictions, innovative solutions can emerge sufficiently, even within the context of a public contract.
  • Governance of the enterprise architecture by a solid review process and a ‘quality gatekeeping’ approach.