Programme 2019

Registration 08:30 hrs.

Registration possibility + Coffee & Tea

Opening 09:00 hrs.

Opening of the programme by chairman Olivier Van Duuren

Business Keynote 09:15 hrs.

How do you Release Platform Ecosystem Thinking, into the Physical World?

Almost everything you see around you (buildings, socks, coffee, etc.) has something in common; it is in a database. This data is often accessed by an API on what we call a platform. A well-designed API contains a resource, this resource describes things from the physical world (buildings, socks, coffee, etc.) and the methodologies that we use today to create new business with it (Agile, Design Thinking, et cetera) go hand in hand with the resources that come from the API (for example, a banking platform needs banking resources).

In his keynote Bob will argue why he thinks that the next step after platform ecosystems can already be seen, companies like Netflix, Facebook and Google are already in this. They develop real estate, launch more productions than ever before, et cetera. How do they do that? By releasing platform ecosystem thinking into the physical world.

Business Keynote 09:40 hrs.

API Awareness: APIs are More Than Just a Piece of Technology!

API’s? Say what? That’s just a techie thing right? Or: it’s just another way of talking to a database! Or: Oh, I know how to design an API, I don’t need any help. Sounds familiar? Then this talk is for you! I will walk you through the challenges and successes we had during our (still ongoing) journey to create awareness on the importance of API's in today's economy on all levels of our organisation and how the ‘API Braintrust’ was created to support and enable this process. Awareness in this context means making people realize that API's aren't just a piece of technology but a way to enable a network of (paying) partners to use your business capabilities through an easy to use and consistent interface and view that as a marketable and monetizable product. Amazon, Google and Alibaba are big because they think exactly that way.

Business Interactive session 10:10 hrs.

Strategy Cafe

In this interactive session, we facilitate IT Architects to discuss how to set up a flexible architecture that gives you the agility and innovative power you need to keep your organisation successful in the future. Both on a technical and conceptual level, important choices will have to be made that are of great importance for the success of your API management programme. 

This session is supervised by the chairman of the day, with the assistance of various experts.

Morning break 10:40 hrs.

Morning break with 1-to-1 meetings

Technical Break-out session 1A 11:20 hrs.

What is the Perfect Blueprint for APIs and Microservices?

You have gathered a lot of information about digital transformation, APIs, microservices, gateways, open banking and so on. But how and where should your organisation start now? Or how do you take the next step? In this session, Hans Bot, Architect at Yenlo, shows a Solution Architecture blueprint for APIs and Microservices, on-premise or in the cloud, based on the open source WSO2 API platform. Our blueprint, that you can use to get started with implementing a safe, reliable and scalable API strategy, is a growth model based on practical examples.
Hans will also look ahead into the future of API Management, particularly in a cloud-native ecosystem. He will introduce a brand new product, an innovative tool that will help you elevate the management of APIs to the governance of digital cells. Curious? Then you definitely don’t want to miss this.

Business Break-out session 2A 11:20 hrs

An Answer to the Opportunities that PSD2 Brings

PSD2 is a true game changer for the financial sector, a strong trigger for innovation. KBC implemented an update of its digital transformation strategy to provide an answer to the opportunities that PSD2 brings.

In that strategy, connection with partners is crucial, both to strengthen KBC's proposition (be all-in-one) and to strengthen the proposition of traders by embedding KBC solutions in it (be everywhere). KBC's transformation strategy is explained in the break-out; KBC's API portal explained and zoomed in on the fact that KBC will soon also open its mobile banking application for prospects.

Business Keynote 11:50 hrs.

How Does an API Management Strategy Support your Digital Transformation? – The Fednot Story!

The strategic importance of API management is undeniable, but many organisations still struggle to find the added value. Fednot is rethinking the notary services for the digital world of tomorrow and positions the API Platform as an essential part of their transformation strategy. Fednot has defined an API Programme together with Archers & Integration Designers for building a new portfolio of digital products and notary services with ecosystem partners. This provides the 1000+ notary branches enhanced and new digital business processes.

Join our tour through Fednot’s API Management story and learn how to achieve this transformation in YOUR organisation!

Business Keynote 12:15 hrs.

How to Drive more Business with an Integrated Platform and Event Driven APIs?

APIs are food for the digital world. They pave the way to new business models through digital services. But APIs are not just a technical enabler for an evolutionary end-to-end Architecture. They are part of a bigger journey to modernization strategies and can unlock further economic and agility benefits through a fully implemented API Economy. In this session Peter Brabec inspires you with the possibilities of how APIs can foster this initiative, embedded in the bigger picture of integration development using cloud native architectures.

Lunchbreak 12:40 hrs.

Lunchbreak with 1-to-1 meetings

Technical Break-out 1B 13:50 hrs.

How to Avoid APIs Becoming a Nightmare for Security?

How can you make sure that the APIs that you are using are protected, secured and provide visibility in attacks, incidents and attempts? During this workshop we will discuss the best approach to implement this with a strong focus on how to achieve confidentiality, integrity and availability of your application. We will look at network encryption, access control, audit logging, API specifications, specific attacks against API endpoints.

Business Workshop 2B 13:50 hrs.

API Game Workshop

API’s are everywhere and an increasing part of a company’s strategy is to create a public API. But for most people API’s still imply a technical thing and they are unaware of what it takes to create, run and maintain an (public) API. To create a level of awareness in a fun way surrounding this topic uses the API Game, to train and inspire people from both business and IT. In this interactive session you will actively participate with and against others by playing the API Game the way we do it at Can you and your team make the right choices to win the API Game?! 

Note: this is not an in depth technical session of API design but more on the lifecycle of API development and maintenance and the choices and decisions people need to make.

Business Keynote 14:45 hrs.

How Digipolis Accelerates their Digital Transformation with APIs

The City of Antwerp provides services to over half a million citizens expecting ever-increasing service and digitization levels. In this session Tobias Verbist will talk about the Antwerp City Platform as a Service.  ACPaaS is a collection of reusable software blocks or so-called “engines” providing functions such as workflow management, asset management, output generation etc. The architecture connects and discloses multiple operational city-owned and city-linked systems. It also embraces the use of new technologies like IoT and AI. Tobias will share some interesting insights and some highly successful and unexpected results of this new development strategy. 

Take-aways of the session:

  • How to address the digital transformation challenge by overhauling an entire organisational and technical software development strategy.
  • Only by stimulating out-of-the-box thinking, no longer impeded by formal restrictions, innovative solutions can emerge sufficiently, even within the context of a public contract.
  • Governance of the enterprise architecture by a solid review process and a ‘quality gatekeeping’ approach.
Afternoon break 15:10 hrs.

Afternoon break with 1-to-1 meetings

Business Keynote 15:45 hrs.

Top 10 recommendations for your API-enabled business and architecture journey, based on a number of war stories and reference cases

Based on the experience from how a large number of companies have built up their API capabilities and used it for business innovation, 10 important recommendations will be high-lighted and explained. The recommendations adress multiple aspects of capability buildup, such as competence build-up and roll-out, architecture, platform establishment and governance. It also addresses how to use APIs as products and as enablers for distributed business innovation.

Closing Keynote 16:10 hrs.

Let’s Close The Bracket…

Many of us are attending API Conferences for years - but - whatever we do - whatever we try, we don't see real change within our organizations. Since #AdaptOrDie was never meant to be a joke - every half-hearted, luke-warm approach to leverage adoption - will end in death! Kay will deliver some proven guerilla tactics to adopt to Digital #finally. Furthermore, he will transform your view on our organisations' pesky customers.


Closing of the Summit 16:35 hrs.

Closing of the Summit & Start Network Reception