The Fednot story

Everyone is talking about APIs and API Management and the impact on how we are doing business. The truth is many organizations struggle to define an API Strategy as part of their digital transformation in order to create value. The Fednot story is a great example of how an organization can transform itself towards a digital leader and how APIs are an essential part of this journey.

Fednot started rethinking the notary services for the digital world of tomorrow and positioned the API Platform as an essential part of their transformation strategy. Some of the key drivers of the API Strategy for the notary:

  • Increase productivity within the profession by providing intelligent access to data and information
  • The development of an API platform lowers the barriers for new partners to connect the platform
  • Develop new services and business models using current open standards with a strong focus on security, reuse and self-service
  • Reduce time to market to develop and use new business services
  • Thanks to the API platform, many external sources of data and information will be processed and managed centrally by Fednot and internal sources will also be more easily accessible to the outside world

An API program was defined, together with Archers & Integration Designers, for building a new portfolio of digital products and notary services with ecosystem partners in government, banking, account and software start-ups. The Fednot story consist out of multiple chapters to make their ambitions successful. The introduction of IBM API Connect as the API platform was one of them. The other chapters helped to design and realize the first successful APIs on this newly introduced platform and how to govern them.

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