Infrabel uses API to present data to the public

The infrastructure manager launched a new initiative in April to share more than 60 different datasets with the general public. This concerns data on punctuality and safety, but also HR and finances. The data is now publicly available on a specially developed website.

Infrabel would like to see developers working with the data and, for example, creating apps that use the information. To facilitate this, Infrabel not only provides an API but also various documentation and simple manuals.

Infrabel wants to collaborate with travelers' associations, train users, students and companies that specialize in the design and development of software. The goal now is to encourage the integration of the API into other applications and also to receive feedback to make the platform better. Infrabel itself regards the provision of such a quantity of data as a first. This initiative by Infrabel comes due to the government's long-term plan to make as much data as possible available to the public so that developers can use it.


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