Identify your software integration needs

Software integration is the process of merging two or more software systems to form one coherent multi-functional system. In the digital transformation process, most companies are looking for solutions to modernize their legacy systems by either a total transformation or by integrating the legacy systems with modern applications. However total transformation is an expensive and never ending process. To stay relevant and competitive, digital transformation is imperative for most businesses. This can be realised with enterprise software integration. 

For example, the City of Antwerp provides several services to over a half a million citizens. They are in the middle of the process of becoming a smart city with services such as e-ticketing, digital license plate recognition and open data. Digipolis, executive ICT for Antwerp and Gent is using techniques such as IT, AI and Software Integration to reach their goal of becoming the best smart city of Europe. More information


Hybrid Integration

Software integration can be subdivided in:

  • Application/Software integration
  • Cloud intergration
  • Business to business integration
  • Migration

When using all these forms of integration hybrid integration occurs. But how and where should your organisation start? Or how do you take the next step? Hans Bot, Architect at Yenlo, shows a Solution Architecture blueprint for APIs and Microservices, on-premise or in the cloud, based on the open source WSO2 API platform. More information


Enterprise Integration Software

Enterprise Integration Software is the field of enterprise software archtitecture that focuses on system interconnection, electronic data interchange, product data exchange and distributed computing evironments. Enterprise integration software make integrations less complex because they house all integration assets in a universally consumable manner and clean up the point-to-point disorganization by way of APIs. 


The API Summit Belgium 2019

In conclusion Software Integration is an intrical part for businesses to experience growth and being able to compete in the current digital market. During The API Summit Belgium several organisation will provide keynotes and workshops on their journey and share tips, tricks and challenges. Invest one day to be informed on the latest trends and be amongst like minded professionals. Join us and get your admission ticket here!