A crack in the foundation of digital business?

The rise of APIs has been large over the last few years. APIs support the creation of new digital revenue and it's forming the basis for innovative partnerschips and business strategies. However, a lack of visibility in API deployments is not unusual. Since there are many types of APIs which all have different purposes there are many APIs that exist throughout an organisation, created by various stakeholders. This makes it difficult for the teams to know about all the existing APIs within an organisation. When you stand back an consider all the APIs that reside under the layers of various systems and applications, you realize there is much more to manage and of course secure.


APIs are under attack

There are several forms of API attacks. It is expected that by 2022 there will be 3 forms of most seen attacks against APIs

  1.  Login Attacks
  2.  API DoS & DDoS Attacks
  3.  Application & Data Attacks

All three forms of attack will result in data breaches. Organisations are already experiencing these forms of attacks. If they don't have a strong API security strategy in place this can cause a lot of damage to the internal and external users of APIs.


Securing as you build

As you are building security potentially can add time to the process. However this time is minimal if you think about how much time it takes if you have to fix this or add in later in the stadium. A fix can take 2-3 months or in some cases even longer. The impact is minimal if you are securing as you are building. The cost if fix is usually also a lot higher. So if you think about it the impact is minimal when you are securing as you code. 

The benefits out way the small initial investment of you think about the benefits for your internal and external clients or selling benefits. You are reassuring your customers, so don't be afraid to talk to your customers about the topic. When you are actively discussing the topic of security you are proving to your customers you are taking the topic seriously rather than when a security researcher has to point out a vulnerability. This makes you immediately 0-1 behind. So securing as you code is vitally important and will have massive benefits to lots of organisations. So training your team to think in this mindset makes the impact minimal. 

Source: Global Knowledge


The API Summit Belgium

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