5 API trends to consider

API management

The term has been around for a while and numerous companies have API management solutions in place. But as APIs grow and go forward, new solutions are introduced every day. Each new solution has different components to make the lifecycle complete. To protect your APIs you need to have a firm API management solution in place to protect your API assets


API design

With the current pressures to deliver product or productfeatures in tight development cycles some organizations are skeptical to become API first. However, organizations are able to save time and resources by joining forces with all stakeholders and design the API together.  

5 upcoming API design trends are

  • Developer Experience (DX)
  • GraphQL Over REST
  • OpenAPI
  • AsyncAPI
  • OAouth



For APIs that are in-market, technology companies are working hard to surpass the last security model. Since APIs give access to your data, they are an obvious target. Organizations ae always in need of better and stronger security measures.


Ecosystem-driven platform technology

The nature of commerce today calls for an ecosystem-driven cloud integration approach. What enables digital platforms to fight off competition and grow profits? The platform needs to support traditional workflows and offer a host of adapter and API capabilities between local data and cloud-hosted data.