partnernews 26 november 2019

An API-led approach by Van Moer Logistics

Being present in 23 locations, providing a total warehouse space of over 400.000 m², Van Moer Logistics is a large player in the transport & warehouse management sector. Continuous innovation, both from a business as IT perspective, is vital to stay ahead of the competition.  


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Partnernews 21 november 2019

Faster Time to Market with Cloud and APIs

Proverbs embody common wisdom. There is a saying: "much haste less speed". The meaning of this is of course that if you go too quickly the speed with which you are progressing is lower. 

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Partnernews 15 november 2019

A crack in the foundation of digital business?

 Since there are many types of APIs which all have different purposes there are many APIs that exist throughout an organisation, created by various stakeholders. This makes it difficult for the teams to know about all the existing APIs within an organisation. When you stand back an consider all the APIs that reside under the layers of various systems and applications, you realize there is much more to manage and of course secure.

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Partnernews 13 november 2019

Axway Leader for Full Life Cycle API Management

"High-performing enterprise customers are leveraging strong API strategies to drive their growth in a digital world. It isn’t enough to have security, governance and management of APIs – you need to have a strong platform to create and drive their consumption.”

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Blog 29 oktober 2019

Identify your software integration needs

Software integration is the process of merging two or more software systems to form one coherent multi-functional system. In the digital transformation process, most companies are looking for

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Blog 02 oktober 2019

5 API trends to consider

APIs are not going anywhere! New and unique developments are happening daily and 2018 was no exception. 2019 promises to be an even more fascinating year as new technological advancements come to fruition.

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Blog 25 september 2019

The Fednot story

Everyone is talking about APIs and API Management and the impact on how we are doing business. The truth is many organisations struggle to define an API strategy as part of their digital transformation.

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