Blog 02 oktober 2019

5 API trends to consider

APIs are not going anywhere! New and unique developments are happening daily and 2018 was no exception. 2019 promises to be an even more fascinating year as new technological advancements come to fruition.

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Blog 25 september 2019

The Fednot story

Everyone is talking about APIs and API Management and the impact on how we are doing business. The truth is many organisations struggle to define an API strategy as part of their digital transformation.

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Blog 21 augustus 2019

The API-based Business Model

Nothing beats the success story of a visionary leader who decides to take a bold course that sets the standard for how an industry operates. In the realm of technology, one of these stories is the infamous API mandate that Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, sent out in 2002. For many technologists, the mandate wasn’t just the regular email, but it was the moment that the digital platform as we know it today was born. What is often overlooked, however, is that the interface-mandate (i.e., API-mandate) not only revolutionized internet technology development but it also changed how new business models came to be and how a wealth of new value was created.

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Persbericht 05 februari 2019

Press release: Heliview is expanding its business!

In 2019 Heliview Conference & Training, will be organising 5 Summits in Belgium. All Summits will be organised centrally located in Brussels. The Summits will focus on various topics like IT Software & Asset Management, Cyber Security, Data Driven Business, API Management & Digital Identity. Heliview has extensive experience in organising conferences, especially for the Dutch market. In 2016 the first Belgian event was organised.

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