Experts 2019

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Tom Höfte
IT Architect

Tom is an IT architect at Xebia.Tom has been working in IT for more than 10 years, focusing on integration architectures, distributed system design and extreme transaction processing. He began his career as a developer and over the years has taken on a number of roles within teams and IT organisations, giving him a deep knowledge and understanding of IT technology and delivering IT products throughout the complete lifecycle, from concept to grave.

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Jolien Jans
API Platform Manager

Jolien is an API platform manager at the Royal Federation of the Belgian Notarial Profession (FEDNOT). After her studies as a commercial engineer, she started her career as a functional integration analyst in the retail sector. Since then integration has continued to fascinate her and she has gained broad experience in this field. In her current role, Jolien is responsible for setting up and implementing the API platform to support the digital transformation of the notarial profession.

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Marco van der Linden
IT Solutions Architect

Marco is a Netherlands-based IT solutions architect and consultant at Xebia. Marco has more than 15 years’ experience in IT. Previously, he worked at IBM and consulted on APIs for multiple companies. Marco has worked on all kinds of systems using various types of technologies but is especially interested in distributed systems design. He hosts meetups on REST, HATEOAS, microservices, and event storming and gives DASA DevOps training. In his spare time, Marco likes to take long walks with his family, do a bit of fencing (épée), and read books.

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Kay Lummitsch
Digital Catalyst & API-Program Expert


He has been a submarine navigator, a seaman on trading ships, shipbuilder, a sports teacher, and passioned software engineer for many years before he became a professional Coach and dedicated his life to organizational change. He led the Swisscom API-Program for four years and built a vibrant network of digital programs around the globe.
Today he is recognized as an expert on API-Programs and as Digital Catalyst internationally.
Currently, he is advising/mentoring various big players in banking, telecommunication, automotive, insurance, as well as aerospace.
Meet Kay to start to push your organization right into the Digital Age.

Wim Paredis_APIBE2019.jpg
Wim Paredis
Enterprise IT & Integration Architect

Wim is a Principal Consultant who loves to help corporations with their integration challenges. He started as a platform expert and picked up new roles and more responsibilities as time went by. Today he enjoys helping Enterprises organize their IT departments to evolve and to pick up new trends on integration challenges while building a stable and robust digital business platform to participate in the ecosystem.

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