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The API Summit will bring together a diverse group of professionals to discuss the most relevant challenges they face when setting up and managing a successful API management programme. The Summit is an unique gathering where interaction and learning from the experiences of others are central. 

In addition to a high-quality conference programme, there are various activities where interaction and one-to-one contacts are central.

We warmly invite you to join our Summit at Parker Hotel Brussels Airport and enjoy the keynotes, solution provider exposes and ‘limited audience only’ breakouts.  

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Identify your software integration needs

Software integration is the process of merging two or more software systems to form one coherent multi-functional system. In the digital transformation process, most companies are looking for

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Infrabel uses API to present data to the public

The infrastructure manager launched a new initiative in April to share more than 60 different datasets with the general public. This concerns data on punctuality and safety, but also HR and finances. 

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